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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Generally, it’s best to replace a water heater that’s eight to ten years old. An older water heater can begin to leak due to corrosion. This can create a lot of damage to wood, carpeting, and other furnishings in your home. Our team of professionals can evaluate the condition of your water heater as well as its parts. We can make the appropriate repairs on your water heater or, if necessary, install a new one. Our selection of water heaters makes it easy to choose one that will adequately serves all of the members in your household.

What are Typical Signs of Pipe Leaks?

The telltale signs of a pipe leak vary depending on where the leak is located. For example, yellow or brown stains that appear on a first floor ceiling may indicate a leak in a pipe there. A leaky pipe above the ceiling may also cause the paint to bubble in some places. Alternatively, a leak in a pipe beneath a sink causes various fittings to become discolored as a result of corrosion. There may also be moisture or a stain on the floor of the cabinet. A leak in a pipe can also cause a drop in water pressure because not all of the water in the pipe is exiting through the shower head or faucet.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Drain Build-up?

The easiest way to prevent drain build-up is to be mindful of what you are sending down the drain or garbage disposal. You could ask family members to brush their hair away from the bathroom sink so the hair doesn’t go down the drain and create a clog. Also, don’t pour coffee grounds or pot grease down your garbage disposal. These materials can collect in a disposal and harden creating a clog. If the water in your bathroom sink, bathtub or shower is slow to drain or your garbage disposal is malfunctioning, you may have a stubborn clog that needs professional attention. Our expert plumbers can determine the location of a clog and get rid of it.

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