The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in a house, and for good reason: you use it every day. Perhaps you’ve gotten weary of its appearance and want to totally renovate it, but you may not be able to “swing it” financially.

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got some good news: You don’t have to give up your dream bathroom! With a little know-how, some helpful tips, and some extra cash in your pocket, you can get your dreamy new bathroom all set up and ready for guests in no time. Here are some simple methods to do so with ease!

Eye-Catching Wallpaper

When we think of wallpaper, it might automatically conjure an image of a loud, busy pattern that your parents may have put on the walls many years ago. Though this may be the case, wallpaper design has gone a long way—and it’s not all that horrible!

Consider using wallpaper instead of painting the walls (or creating an accent wall) in your bathroom! In addition to the “traditional” technique of application, there are now “peel-and-stick” choices available; this way, if you change your mind later on, you can remove it without damaging the wall’s surface underneath it!

Upgrade Your Claw-Foot Bathtub

If you’re thinking of getting rid of your claw-foot tub because it’s looking a little worn, try reglazing it instead! Reglazing will help freshen up its look; it will cost much less than having it removed and replaced with a new tub.

Candles are a Must

Using candles in the bathroom may help to create an elegant atmosphere. However, because they can catch fire, try using faux candles instead! Not only will they create the ambiance you seek, but they will also provide you with peace of mind – just in case one goes too close to your hanging hand towel.

Repurpose Vintage/Retro Vanity

Consider renovating an antique historical washstand into an affordable vanity if you want to go the additional mile in your master bathroom! This will not only bring retro flair to your bathroom, but it will also give additional storage space – always a plus!

Frame Your Tub

We understand that a drop-in tub isn’t always the most visually pleasing option. Consider covering it with a tub surround! Create the surround with plywood to achieve results and prevent the possibility of decaying wood. When finished, apply weatherproof laminate!

Tile Your Accent Wall

Another option for enhancing the main wall in your bathroom is to tile it! Using subway tiles is one of the current trends that will give the area a fresh new appearance! These low-cost, high-end-looking tiles are available in a range of hues and may radically change the room!

Keep it Simple

Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to cut a hole in the wall to install a recessed medicine cabinet. Consider installing a flush-mount mirror instead (particularly if you’re renting). Not only is it simple to accomplish, but you may even replace the mirror in the future!

Bring the Blinds Inside

Consider recycling old window shutters to add a layer of seclusion to your bathroom. They will add dimension and character to the space, as well as provide extra privacy—two characteristics that are always crucial in any restroom

Beadboard Ceiling

If you want to improve or make your ceiling more visually appealing, consider making a beadboard canopy and extending it down (just a little) to the walls. This will give the ceiling a raised appearance and may make the bathroom appear larger!

Mixed Flooring

Who says a bathroom floor needs to be created out of a single material? Why not experiment with a different material in another area of your bathroom, such as rock-like tiling surrounding your bathtub? This will help to enhance the area and provide some aesthetic appeal for a lower cost!

Make a Vanity Out of a Mirrored Dresser

This would work best if you have an antique mirrored dresser that can be turned into a vanity, as mentioned in tip number four! The best part about this project is that the mirror will not only be mounted to the vanity, but it will also serve as the center point in your bathroom!

Checkerboard Floors

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a vintage diner? Oh, certainly, a checkered floor may be a fun decor feature in your bathroom! Convert 12-inch tiles to 4-inch tiles for the greatest results!

Restore the Current Tilework

Consider utilizing an acid etcher (which is user-friendly for homeowners!) to help bring your pre-existing tilework back to life. You’ll be able to transform your tiles from “drab” to “fab” in no time if you properly follow the directions!

Add a Curved Backsplash

If you want to update your bathroom with an antique washstand, consider utilizing marine-grade polymer. This material forms a curved backsplash behind the vanity, which will help pull the eye and give your bathroom the rustic style you desire.

Make it Monochromatic

Consider changing your bathroom into a monochrome wonderland if you want to add some modern beauty to it! It’s as simple as painting the walls and tiling the flooring the same color!

Add a Vintage Lighting

Want to add a touch of nostalgia to your bathroom? The easiest approach to connect the area together is to replace your existing light fixture with a vintage one, whether it’s an heirloom or found at a flea market! Another consideration is that a vintage lighting fixture, such as a chandelier, may make the bathroom appear much more valuable!

Multicolored Mosaic

Let’s be honest, a white bathroom floor is boring. Consider adding a pop of color to it by changing some of the white tile elements with colored ones to help bring it to life! What’s the nicest aspect about this? If you go to your local flooring store, they could have an overstock department where you can pick and choose the small splashes of colorful tile you want at a lesser price!

Consider Using Whitewashed Barn Wood.

The simplest approach to get the desired rustic effect in your bathroom is to put whitewashed-salvaged boards of wood as a chair rail all around the room (even if your toilet is the sole “chair”). This can give your bathroom the rustic, farmhouse vibe that all of the experts on home improvement programs are going for!

Adding a Shower Curtain Track

If you’re not a fan of the visible shower curtain look,  worry not! Try placing a track on your bathroom’s ceiling not just to keep the shower curtain in place, but also to eliminate the existence (and use) of a shower rod entirely. As an added benefit, this will create the impression that the bathroom is much taller!

Install a Cabinet on the Wall

If you have a small bathroom, you may have trouble finding storage space. While you might try to reorganize your stuff beneath the sink, this does not always help generate additional space. Solution? Install a movable cabinet on a non-high-traffic (or limited) wall!

Restore Royal Style

Consider installing a claw-foot tub in your bathroom to give it a sumptuous, royal aspect — but don’t be too hasty to jam it into a corner. Instead, consider installing the tub on a diagonal (if space allows). This will make the area seem much more expensive while also giving your bathroom a luxurious appearance!

Red Linoleum can Lighten up the Atmosphere

Who says your bathroom floor has to be a dull colour of linoleum? Choose red linoleum to take things up a level! This is ideal for bathrooms with little space but in need of a dash of color to pull the area together!

Consider Putting a Stylish Window

Are you hoping to make your windows more interesting while also providing privacy? If so, consider installing a stylish window, such as an antique stained glass window, in your bathroom! Not only will this offer a lovely aesthetic aspect to your bathroom, but if the stained glass is frosted, you’ll have an added layer of privacy!

Wooden Ladder

A wooden ladder provides a space to hang a hand towel and a basket to hold other bathroom essentials, instantaneously adding elegance above the toilet. This and other easy DIY bathroom ideas provide one of your home’s smallest but most utilized rooms with more storage space. If you need extra storage, you may install shelves and baskets or add more rungs for towel bars.

Install a Waterproof Wainscot

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, think about installing a wainscot, preferably a waterproof one. Whether the place is large or little, this will elevate it and add some “gloss”!

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