When a toilet is flushed, it can make loud, irregular noises for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we hear something like boiling water, a slap and splash kind of noise, or a humming sound. Just like a car, these sounds usually indicate that there might be an issue. A dirty valve, water hammer, or a broken float switch may be the reason as to, why your toilet is making such suspicious noises. Therefore, you should investigate these issues early on to ensure they don’t become more serious in the future.



One of the most common reasons behind a noisy toilet is the valve being dirty or remains getting stuck on it. You’ll know that this is the issue if the toilet makes a screaming foghorn-type noise. But don’t worry, this is quite easy to fix. Turn off the water supply to the toilet, remove the tank lid and locate the fill valve and carefully remove any dirt and debris. You should also, allow water to flow out of the valve. This will also flush any debris from the fill valve line. Switch the water back on and the noise should be gone. If this doesn’t work, then fitting a new ballcock and fill valve might help.


Another common problem is a humming noise when the toilet is flushed. This can be caused due to a sudden change of direction of a fluid in motion or trapped air that has been compressed within the pipeline. A water hammer can cause heavy damage to the washer and if you encounter this, then, it may be as easy as replacing a washer, which is a relatively easy repair. Always remember to turn off the water supply first. Go in, split the ball valve and you will find a black rubber washer. Replace this with a new washer. Place it in correctly and put the ball valve back. That should resolve the issue.


If you are getting water overflowing from the cistern then the problem could be a broken float switch or it could be caused if the float switch is not adjusted properly. It may be the case, that all you need to do is unscrew and reassemble the float in order to regulate it. Or if the float switch is broken, you may have to change it completely.


If you can still hear gurgling long after flushing the toilet then it might be a problem with the venting system. Plunge your toilet to loosen any obstructions in your ventilation system. The reason behind the noise stems from, air being unable to flow up and out of your other drains, forcing it to flow out of your ventilation system. Therefore, you should also clear the venting system to make the gurgling stop.


We hope that these tips will help you take care of these problems quickly and easily the next time they occur. But if you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get rid of the noise, give James Caccia Plumbing a call and let our expert plumbing technicians handle it. We have been keeping things flowing smoothly from San Mateo to every corner of California for over 38 years. Let us handle the dirty work – you’ll be glad you did!