A common problem that many homeowner and business establishments in San Mateo face are clogged drains. Foreign objects can lodge themselves in your pipes, and tree roots can create sluggish drains or sewer backups. If your plunger or plumbing snake is unable to remove the blockage, you might need to use a more powerful tool.

Hydro-jetting might be the solution for your clogged sewers and drains. This advanced plumbing technology utilizes high-pressure water from a specialized nozzle to create a powerful stream of 7,000 to 60,000 psi, clearing all blockages in your drains. And it is also considered the greatest clog removal procedure used by many people nowadays.

Continue reading below to find out why you should hydro-jet clean your drains and sewer lines.

What is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning?

Before we go into the key benefits of hydro jet cleaning, let’s define first what it is.

During a hydro jet drain cleaning process, a licensed and professional plumber will attach a machine to the mainline that pressurizes the water, generating a powerful stream that clears the drain. The machine will clean out your pipes using pressurized water, pushing all the grease, mineral build-up, hair, and other debris down the drain.

This technique may also be used to remove the strongest roots and some of the most obstinate clogs in your sewer lines to restore proper water flow.

Benefits of Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Accurate and Consistent Cleaning

One of the key benefits of Hydro-jetting is its ability to clear all accumulated materials on your underground pipes without having to dig up your yard. The high-pressure water sprayed into your drain or sewage system has the ability to cut through tree roots and break through frequent clogs.

The sheer power of the water jet clears out any debris, such as grease, hair, soap, sand, minerals, and tree roots that are left in your pipes. This leaves the inner surface of your pipe clear, allowing its liquid contents to flow freely and unhindered.

Reduces Harmful Bacteria

With all of the different materials traveling through your pipes, bacteria build-up can build up into your system. Have you ever noticed bad odors emanating from your drains? This is the odor of the bacteria that are growing within your pipes. Not only does this bacteria growth causes unpleasant odors, but it’s also harmful to your health. You don’t want to be breathing this nasty stuff in.

Powerful and Efficient for Residual Removal

Hydro-Jet cleaning is more effective than several other techniques of drain cleaning. It can penetrate deeper into built-up and wash out roots, boulders, minerals, and any other minerals that might clog and get caked onto your pipes. Because hydro-jets are available in a variety of sizes, an expert plumber can calculate the right pressure force to remove debris without harming your pipes.

Provides Optimal Mobility

When dealing with pipes in older structures, you must use extreme caution. In many circumstances, older pipes are brittle and occasionally unstable. As a result, opening the pipes to clean them is not the ideal solution and may result to an expensive repairs for the damages.

Hydro jet drain cleaning allows the machine’s water hose to enter the pipe directly and clear out all dirt, even in the most difficult-to-reach spots, without having to open the pipes. When you’re dealing with an older plumbing system, hydro-jetting is the safest option.

More Economical and Environmentally Safe

Hydro jet cleaning not only clears out the built-up residue but leaves your pipes from any bacteria as well! The stream of water coming from it is so powerful that it not only removes the grease, soap, scum build-ups, but also any bacteria that has settled in your drains.

With all other advantages considered, the one last thing to keep in mind is the cost. Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is the price. However, before making a cost-based decision, it is critical to understand how effective something is and all of its advantages.

You’ll be relieved to learn that hydro jet cleaning is a low-cost choice! It’s significantly less expensive than needing to open your pipes for a thorough cleaning, and it can delay the need for another service appointment to clear obstructions or tree roots for up to four times longer than a traditional mechanical snake process.

Furthermore, because no digging is necessary, the entire procedure takes less time to complete, allowing home and business owners to go back to normal as quickly as feasible.

And because this remedy just requires high-pressure water, it is environmentally friendly! You don’t have to buy harsh chemicals that quickly mount up in costs and hurt the environment.

Unclog Your Drains and Sewer Lines Today!

Don’t allow backed-up drains or sewage pipes to ruin your day! And don’t waste your time or money on ineffective solutions. Use the hydro jet drain cleaning technique to unclog your drains and sewage lines!

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