A lot of people don’t know the importance of plumbing vents and how to take good care of them. If your plumbing vent gets clogged, your plumbing system might not function as it should.

Your plumbing vent allows air into your plumbing line, balancing the pressure in your pipe as the water goes down to your drain. It keeps sewer gasses from staying inside the septic system which can put yourself and your loved ones at risk. When your plumbing vent becomes clogged, ghost flushes and sinks that won’t simply drain properly show up. And if neglected, unpleasant odors can come inside your home posing serious health risks to your family. And without a plumbing vent, it would make most of the fixtures useless. Read these tips below to learn how to unclog your plumbing vent.

How to Clean and Clear Your Vent

Cleaning your plumbing vent is likely similar to regular drain cleaning. And here is what you have to do:

First, you need to take a flashlight, a plumber snake, and a garden hose. Next, since vents are usually found on the roof, which is usually very dangerous, you need to have a ladder with you. After placing the ladder on solid level ground, make sure that the roof is dry; if not, you have to wait until it dries up. Wear rubber-soled shoes to have more grip when you’re up the roof. And lastly, use a safety harness when cleaning the pipe up the roof. As this will keep you safe from any accidents.

After keeping these safety precautions, then you are good at cleaning and clearing out your vent pipes.

Step 1: Take out any debris that is around the pipe or anything that is blocking the pipe that is reachable with your hand.

Step 2: If you can see any blockages around it but can’t reach them, use a plumber snake and run it down the pipe.

Step 3: And if you can’t completely remove the clog using your snake, use a garden hose to flush down the remaining debris.

If these steps do not solve your problem, you may need to contact a professional plumber to have a look at your drains to solve any problem that may be present.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Plumbing Vent Checked

One of the most important things to remember about having a plumbing issue, especially if it concerns a clogged plumbing vent, is not too long to fix it.

If methane gas, which can be poisonous and flammable forms into your home, it can pose a serious health risk and danger to your family.

Moreover, the sooner you call a professional plumber to handle the issue, the less damage it can cause to your plumbing system. And remember, the more you ignore the issue, the more it can hurt your wallet.

Need a Professional?

Your plumbing vent pipe is an essential component of your plumbing system, particularly, your drainage system. It ensures that the water and waste are properly flowing and keeps out odors and sewer gases from your home.

If you like to ensure that your plumbing system is working perfectly fine, give Caccia Plumbing a call right now at (650) 342-5363. We’ll do a quick inspection of your plumbing system and an estimate for the work that will be needed to restore it, so it is working as it should.