Water is essential in our homes—as long as it’s securely confined in our pipe, sink, tub, or appropriate appliance, such as a dishwasher. Water, on the other hand, may quickly become an adversary if it gets into places it shouldn’t be, possibly harming your home’s structure or furnishings.

Most homeowners will encounter a plumbing leak at some time in their lives. Some leaks are apparent, such as broken or frozen pipes. Others are hidden, like loose connections in under-floor plumbing lines. Early detection of a water leak can help you save money and avoid potential problems.

Leak detection is an important service that Caccia plumbers offer. Using the techniques listed below, our plumbers can find exactly where leaks are occurring so they can accurately and quickly repair them.

Finding the source of a leak

Before the plumber used any specialized equipment, they will first take a walk around your home to check for any signs of probable leaks. This includes inspecting fixtures, looking beneath all of your sinks, and checking irrigation and pool systems. Your plumber will likely examine your water meter as well to see how much water is being utilized.

Acoustic listening devices

Ground microphones and listening discs are some of the most basic tools that a licensed plumber used to detect and pinpoint leaks. Using this sound technology, they can hear the sound of running water underground as it travels through your pipes. This will give the plumber a better idea of where the leak is before attempting to access it. Furthermore, deck plates may be used to listen through brick, concrete, and other stone surfaces.

Heat scanners

In areas that are too noisy or too deep for using acoustic listening methods, plumbers use thermal imaging cameras or heat scanners that pick up temperature changes. Since escaping water causes temperature shifts, using thermal imaging cameras is an excellent way to look at areas that the naked eye cannot see. They can’t only detect hidden water leaks and their origin, but also detect moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters.

Video pipe inspection equipment

For the most precise leak detection, plumbers commonly use video pipe inspection equipment. These are tiny cameras that are attached to long fiber optic cables. The camera relays images back to a monitor where the plumber can see the condition of the inside of the pipe. This enables them to find the source of leaks that may be difficult to see from the outside and gives them any additional information they need to easier repair the leak.

Why are water leak detectors so important?

There are several reasons why getting in touch with water leak professionals and identifying leaks in your home is critical. Remember that leaks cannot be repaired unless they are discovered, which is why you should have an experienced and professional plumber on standby.

Experienced plumbers, like ours here at Caccia, have dealt with so many household leaks that they have a knowledge of where leaks frequently come from and how to best access them for fast water leak repair. Water leaks, like most plumbing issues, do not resolve themselves.

A pipe leak will not magically go on its own. If left ignored, that water damage will worsen. This encompasses all aspects of water damage, including structural deterioration and mold development. Leaks are critical and must be addressed as soon as possible.

If you have a leak in your home, give us a call at (650) 342-5363. We’ll help you find it and fix it fast.