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Knowing what to do with the plumbing inside a home can be a challenge for any family. Rather than simply hoping that nothing ever breaks, a homeowner needs to be on the lookout for things that indicate that the plumbing in the house may need some extra attention. Whenever you are thoughtful and diligent about your home’s inner workings, there is no plumbing problem that can overtake the family. James Caccia Plumbing is here to help you nonetheless, whenever you spot any plausible complications, just give us a call. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.

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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Water heaters are persnickety creatures because they work in silence and most homeowners never even give them a single look. Rather than thinking that the water heater is fine, there are some things to look out for. If the water does not heat well or heats erratically, it may be malfunctioning. If the heater is leaking, the tank could be rupturing, and if the water does not heat at all, homeowners will know that something has gone wrong with the device. When any of these situations occur, it is best for the homeowner to call on a licensed plumber to have the heater replaced before the problem gets worse.

What are Typical Signs of Pipe Leaks?

When pipes leak in the home, they do not always do so in an obvious manner. In fact, some pipes leak so subtly that it is hard for the homeowner to notice that there is a problem. However, there are a few signs besides wet spots in the ceiling that will show a pipe could be leaking. Whenever the homeowner hears a watery sound that they cannot explain, that could be a slow leak in a pipe. Also, if a shower or faucet does not flow properly, there could be a leak in the pipe that is preventing the water from reaching full pressure. A licensed plumber can open up the wall and repair pipe leaks before they get too large to handle.

How Can I Prevent Drain Build-up?

First, preventing drain build-up is something that a homeowner can only do through wise use of each drain. There is no way that the homeowner can prevent everything from going down a drain, but the homeowner can be smart about how they use their drains. However, homeowners cannot see the inside of the drains, and they do not have the tools to clear the drains themselves. Therefore, having a licensed plumber come out to the house and clear the drains and pipes once or twice a year makes it much easier for the family to keep their pipes clean without risking leaks or blockage.

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