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If you have just bought a home after being a renter for many years, all the structure’s appliances are yours to maintain and update. As time passes, your plumbing will need some substantial care, especially because water is highly destructive when leaks occur. Luckily, James Caccia Plumbing is here to help you in your times of need. Our professional technicians will take care of all your plumbing troubles quickly and efficiently. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.

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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Your hot water heater is an appliance that is often overlooked. Sitting quietly in the corner of a laundry room or garage, the water heater provides constant hot water, until it starts malfunctioning. Ideally, you want to replace your heater before it corrodes to the point of cracking. A broken water tank allows water to pour onto your floor, effectively flooding the immediate area.

Inspect your heater once a month. Look underneath the tank to verify any rust or corrosion. If there is significant bulging or corrosion, call James Caccia Plumbing for a professional opinion. Corrosion is a calling card of a declining tank.

What are Some Typical Signs of Pipe Leaks?

The most obvious signs of pipe leaks are small water puddles under a sink or soaked spots on a wall from hidden pipes. However, some leaks can be slow and hidden. Examine your pipes for any rust, moisture or corrosion. Any slow leaks are often at pipe joints where welding has failed.

Some pipes reside under your home, making it impossible to see a leak. However, a significant underground leak is typically discovered through a water bill. Every month, the water bill should be relatively stable. However, a huge increase in water use indicates a leak. Contacting James Caccia Plumbing is necessary for these hidden leaks.

How can I Prevent Drain Build-up?

To prevent drain buildup, avoid placing items like egg shells or vegetable scraps into the sink. Although you may have a garbage disposal attached to the sink, it cannot prevent drain buildup at all times. Place a strainer in your sink to catch any food particles instead, and empty it into the trash to preserve your plumbing.

Because it is almost impossible to keep all food scraps from venturing down the plumbing, use a pot of boiling water once a month to naturally remove drain buildup. As the boiling water rushes down the pipes, it clears away congealed grease, and other debris. It is highly recommended to service your drains at least once a year with professional cleaning services, this is sure to keep your drainage running smoothly.

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