Our plumbing system is one of the most critical aspects of our house that we often have taken for granted. Most of the time, we wait for an issue to come up before we stop taking it for granted. Our plumbing system is just like our body’s health- it is a lot safer and cheaper if we deal with the problems before they might happen. Therefore, just like how we take care of our body and health, we should be taking care of our plumbing system as well.

No one is perfect; mistakes can happen no matter how we thoroughly plan. We can break down our pipes, clog the toilets, or even overuse the drain cleaners. We can’t prevent everything, but we can make an effort to avoid these costly plumbing mistakes.

Use of Strong Chemicals and Drain Cleaners

Homeowners should be careful when using chemicals and drain cleaners. Though it may seem to solve minor clogging and build-ups, it can harm your pipes, which could result in pipe corrosion and leaks.

To avoid the problems that can come with drain cleaners, make sure to carefully read all of the labels before use. You can also try using a less corrosive remedy for your pipes, such as vinegar and baking soda, or even hot water flush.

Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

When performing a quick fix to your plumbing system in your home, always turn off the water before touching anything related to your pipes. Failure to turn off your water can lead to a pipe burst, household flooding, or a terrifying mess. Get to know first your home’s plumbing before doing anything. If you are not sure of what exactly to do, or where the various water shutoffs in your home are, it is better to call your local plumber and let them help you.

DIYng Without Proper Training

Some plumbing problems occur when homeowners try DIY (Do It Yourself) plumbing repairs without having the right tools or knowledge of basic plumbing best practices on how to effectively solve their plumbing issues.

Attempting a DIY plumbing project without knowledge of a process can create a huge mess or the possibility that the repairs will be even more costly. The best way to find out how things are done right is to consult a professional plumber before making any changes in your system. Talking to experts can help you assess how complicated the project is and whether you have the skills and tools to do the job.

Ignoring the Little Things

You may notice that your kitchen sink is draining slowly and making weird noises, but you choose to ignore it until waste starts to backflow into the fixture. Maybe you find a small leak that began to surface, but you didn’t do anything about it.

Ignoring these plumbing problems, which seem to be small at first, can lead to more significant issues later on. Call a plumber right away when you see these early warning repair signs before it leads to a more severe issue.

Connecting Galvanized and Copper Pipes

When galvanized and copper pipes touch, corrosion will result. Most homeowners are unaware of this problem and will replace galvanized piping with modern copper pipes. The connection between galvanized and copper pipes can only be achieved if a special piece called “dielectric union” is used. A dielectric union is a unique joint that uses a plastic sleeve and rubber washer to prevent the copper and galvanized piping from touching one another.

Not Hiring a Certified Plumber

Sometimes the biggest mistake you make while maintaining your home’s plumbing system is not calling for expert help when you need it. It might seem appealing to attempt fixing the plumbing issue yourself to save a few bucks, but keep in mind that you might be paying more if your creative solution doesn’t pan out the way you intended.

Whether you presume a plumbing problem or you’re uncertain of how to respond to specific circumstances in your home, the experts at Caccia Plumbing are always here to help. We are on call 24/7 — because most of the time, it’s hard to avoid every problem in your plumbing. Whether it’s emergency plumbing or leak repair, our plumbers are always available.