Because your toilet is taking too long to drain or you can’t figure out how to remove a jammed angle valve, you opt to hire someone who understands a little bit about plumbing but doesn’t have a license because they’re available and affordable.

You think to yourself, “What could possibly go wrong?”

This quick decision can, in fact, lead to a slew of bad outcomes. Hiring an unlicensed plumber poses a significant risk for a variety of reasons. Plumbing is a trade that entails using tools and equipment to tackle basic household issues such as connections, water supply, cleanliness, and so on. Most individuals attempt to repair their plumbing problems on their own using do-it-yourself approaches in order to save time and money. Plumbing, on the other hand, is not a simple chore that demands adequate knowledge and skill and may wind up costing you more if you attempt to handle it on your own.

There are several instances of people who had horrible experiences with do-it-yourself plumbing. Assume you’re attempting to repair a leaking pipe when you accidentally strike a sewage pipe. Wouldn’t it be terrible? You may avoid such scenarios by being aware of the risks associated with do-it-yourself plumbing. In this post, we will look at all the risks of not hiring a plumber for your plumbing requirements.

The Dangers of Hiring Unqualified Plumbers

Hiring unlicensed plumbers for your house comes with dangers. Insurance coverage is one of the most prevalent issues that may arise. A handyman may not have the necessary tools to secure his safety while working on your plumbing. In the event of an accident, you will be responsible for any medical expenditures.

If the plumber is hurt while working in your house, worker’s compensation will prevent you from having your insurance premiums raised. For example, if the unlicensed plumber fails to empty the toilet and instead clogs it worse, flooding the property, you would be responsible for the costly repairs if they do not have liability insurance. While your homeowner’s insurance coverage may cover some of the worker’s claims, your insurance premiums will almost certainly rise as a result. You may avoid this by hiring a professional plumber.

Another concern is that it will cost you twice as much. Why? Unlicensed plumbers may not be completely qualified to complete the work. This indicates that he is prone to making blunders. If you ask him to install something in your home and he doesn’t do it correctly the first time, you’ll have to hire another plumber. That’s another out-of-pocket expense for you. To avoid this, please hire a licensed plumber.

It’s also critical that a plumber has the right tools, especially when it comes to drain cleaning. Plumbers are equipped with cameras that they may use to inspect the interior of the pipes. This tool may not be available to unlicensed plumbers.

Property damage is one of the most serious concerns, and it must be avoided at all costs. Never acquire plumbing services from a plumber who is unsure of what he’s doing. Otherwise, he may do harm to your property or your home’s foundation. Consider how much it would set you back. Working with a professional plumber will save you time and money.

Finally, it may endanger your loved ones! From floods to fires, an unlicensed plumber may inadvertently trigger disasters with a simple blunder.

There are a few more hazards to be aware of:

  • Leaks of gas
  • Electrocution
  • Poisoning by chemicals
  • Leaks in the sewer

If any of these issues arise, your safety, as well as the safety of your family and the plumber, may be jeopardized. Hiring an unlicensed plumber is just not worth the risk of putting your property, let alone your life, in danger.

Why would you take such a huge risk if you already know the consequences? Saving money is not worth putting your life at risk. The safety of your family and neighbors is also essential. That’s why Caccia Plumbing is here, providing a solution to all your plumbing problems. Our team of plumbing experts is experienced and knowledgeable. They will go far above the standard service to ensure your satisfaction.